"...Sip Happens..."

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About Us

The professional coffee consultant family, iHomebrew, was founded by Jordan Hickman in 2002 with a revolutionary idea: to consult and educate new baristas and coffee enthusiasts with tailored and primed knowledge. A buisness not only aimed
to meet the students where they are at but also aimed at compost and sustainability.
Our courses teach basic, intermidiate, and advanced techniques for not only brewing delicious coffee but also care for your brew equipment and how compost coffee waste. Whether you're a new hire to a cafe environment, a manager trying to move their staff through quality control class, or you want to socially distance and stay safe in your home office but not be without great coffee, our courses are meant for you.


Notebook for coffee knowledge notes is resting on a table.

Aptitude Inheritance.

With a combined 50+ years of industry experience we take you through the fastest route from A to B on your path to becoming your very own coffee expert. We walk you through easy to repeat processes you can rely on for all of your coffee brewing days.

Always on the Cutting Edge.

We stay on top of it when it comes to the new standards that our industry envokes. Anything from state of the art methods of brewing and breakthrough inventions like coffee grinders and espresso machines. From Kyoto Cold Brew Tower mastery to Nuovo Simonelli Mythos Espresso grinder. We keep our education up to date. We also offer repair services for your equipment at home or classes on brew equipment maintainence.

New state of the art coffee equipment.